Hi and welcome to my website.
I began collecting smurfs in March 2004 after hearing on the radio about what cool stuff you remember from the 80’s. Some lady had rang up and said she went to a live concert and the lead singer threw a smurf out into the crowd and she had caught it.

Anyway after hearing this it brought back memories of the smurfs I had as a 10yr old. My brother and I collected smurfs from BP service stations here in Australia and we had around 20 altogether, not sure what ever happened to them though.
So i thought I’d checkout Ebay and was surprised to see they had 3 pages of smurfs. I ended up winning  a few on Ebay  and ordered a  couple from Toydreamer, an online smurf shop here in Australia.

At first I was only going to get a few of my favourites, now it’s turned into a few hundred favourites !!

In November 2004 I was searching for any sites related to smurfs when I came across Kitty’s Cavern. I joined the smurfy forum and this further fuelled my passion for collecting the little blue guys. It was a great place to learn a lot from more experienced collectors and also meeting  an excellent bunch of people from all over the world that share my hobby, and which I now consider my good friends….awwwwwwww 

Now there is no stopping me !!!

I would just like to say a BIG thankyou to Linda for all the help she has given me with the website. She has done a wonderful job with the banners. Also to  Graham for the use of “Adelaide Crows Smurfette “ on my homepage and banner.

Hope you enjoy having a look at my collection